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An Evidence-Based Approach to Improve Focus and Curb Procrastination
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Clarify is brought to you by the creators of Fabulous:
Your personal Deep Work sanctuary
Enter the focus zone, get into the flow, and slash the tasks on your To-Do list.
Personalized support from professional coaches
Reach out to our licensed human coaches and receive advice for specific queries.
Your unique superpowers, unlocked
Discover the strengths of an ADHD brain and watch yourself thrive.


What is Clarify?
Clarify was created for people with ADHD. Our mission is to help you:
Improve focus
Boost productivity
Curb procrastination
Live a more balanced, stress-free life

You don’t have to be diagnosed with ADHD to use Clarify. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to master time management and create a space for deep focus.
What makes Clarify different from other apps?
We know that many people with ADHD have tried it all. So what makes us different?

Specific focus on helping individuals with ADHD
Practical, immersive tools to manage ADHD for daily activities
Structured programs to conquer ADHD in the long run
Licensed human coaches that provide personalized support
A like-minded community for added support and inspiration
How much does Clarify cost?
You can purchase a Premium plan, billed monthly or annually. No extra costs or contracts.
How does the free trial work?
Try Clarify free of charge for 7 days. If it’s not for you, cancel before Day 7, and you will not be charged. If you don’t cancel, your monthly or yearly subscription will commence on Day 7, and you will be billed.

Forgot to cancel? Reach out, and we’ll issue a full refund, with no questions asked.
How do I cancel?
Cancel in a few clicks, with no cancellation fees or contracts.

Forgot to cancel during your free trial? Reach out, and we’ll issue a full refund, with no questions asked.

What our users say about Clarify

Overcomer AC
A beautiful and gentle guide to stay on track. I like the goal suggestions, but also space to add own tasks. Different routines help me stay calm and focused.
Chey Here
This app is absolutely life changing! I feel so grateful to have found it and I have no regrets in paying for it. It’s like having a life coach that is gentle and kind, but incredibly wise. I’ve surrendered to this process and have started to change on the inside. I feel more peace, gratitude and hope for my future by learning how to break things down into smaller steps and celebrate each small progress. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.
Laura B.
Really great app! It gives you the tools to help you focus and it has an extra benefit that has a coach you can message to get great ideas on anything you’re having issues with.
The New You Awaits
The days of distraction, procrastination, and overwhelm are over. Claim your focus and productivity here.
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