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Fabulous is an accountability partner in your pocket. Born at Duke University, we use behavioral science to help you make smart changes and build healthy habits. Ready to take your life to the next level?

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Coaching library 24-7

Get a boost in 2 minutes. On demand series available all day, all night.
Coaching library 24-7

Your own human coach

Book a session with a real live coach to inspire an inner shift.
Your own human coach

Create structure in your life

Morning, afternoon, evening routines guide you through every day.
Create structure in your life

Create healthy habits

Your habits sculpt the person you will become — choose them wisely.
Create healthy habits

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Give and get support with other members just like you.
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Focus on deep work

Learn how to tune out noise. Streamline your mind into a flow state.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fabulous?
Fabulous is an award-winning self-care coaching app that harnesses the power and wisdom of behavioral science to help you develop lasting healthy habits. You’ll learn how to create meaningful daily rituals and stack habits to create routines that guide you towards achieving all your goals.
How does Fabulous work?
Fabulous was incubated in Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab, led by Dan Ariely. Using a science-backed approach to habit-building, you’ll learn how to turn small daily tasks into profound and lasting change. You’ll use the same methods that elite athletes and successful entrepreneurs use to rise to the top of their game. Now it’s your turn.
How much does Fabulous cost?
You can purchase a Premium plan at monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual durations. You choose the plan that suits your needs. No extra costs or contracts.
How do I cancel?
If Fabulous isn't right for you, you can cancel in a few clicks. There are no cancellation fees or contracts. Start or stop your subscription at any time.
How does the trial work?
  • Try Fabulous Premium for the duration of the trial period. If you enjoy it, do nothing, and your trial will automatically convert into the agreed-upon subscription duration.
  • If Premium isn’t for you, make sure you cancel the trial before the end date to avoid it becoming a subscription.

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