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Fabulous Coaches can help you implement new habits and hold you accountable using science-backed methods and various coaching tools.

You can pair live coaching with your routines and daily coaching within the Fabulous app to achieve optimal results in a short period of time. If you're feeling lost Fabulous Coaching can help you reduce stress and anxiety, ignite motivation, and guide you forward.
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If you need extra support to make your Fabulous journey truly transformational, schedule your first session today. Here’s what our live coaching package includes:
A coaching plan personalized to your needs, crafted together with your coach
Live 1:1 sessions with a Fabulous Coach tailored to your individual needs
Follow up communication through email to support your progress

Book a 1:1 Session with a
Fabulous Coach

1 live video session every month + unlimited email communication
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$67 first session
$87/month after your intro session

How Fabulous Live Coaching works

Coaching library 24-7

Coaching subscriptions include 30-minute monthly video sessions and unlimited email support between sessions with your coach.

This is in addition to your in-app habit tracker, audio coaching, in-depth library content, and a community of people across the world supporting you.

Once you subscribe to Live Coaching, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a Calendly link to schedule your first session, and answer a few questions that will help your coach understand your needs prior to your first meeting.

All live coaching sessions are held on Zoom, and you will receive an email with the link as soon as you schedule your coaching session.

Connect with a Fabulous coach for a private 1:1 session

Experience live 1:1 video coaching sessions with your own personal coach trained in behavioral science. (Yes, a real life human being.) ​There are Fabulous coaches across every time zone. Meet two:
Maša Nobilo
Lead Coach
Maša Nobilo shaped the coaching program at Fabulous. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, Embodied Yoga Principles, Feldenkrais and Acro Yoga. She is a certified Embodied Facilitator that helps people cultivate body awareness and self-knowledge in order to enhance their range of moving, being and relating to others. What drives her is an exploration of the body-mind and the psychological implications of movement and rest.
Maša Nobilo
Lead Coach
Sam Simmons
Fabulous Coach
Sam has over seven years experience helping people change their behavior and cultivate healthy habits. As an avid student of personal development she studied at the Co-active Training Institute in London, is a graduate of the Hoffman Process and an active yogi and meditator. What drives Sam is empowering you to create joy in your life and work and the vision to dream your biggest dreams.
Sam Simmons
Fabulous Coach

How your life can improve with coaching

Whether you’re a student in Australia or a business professional in Europe, Fabulous Coaching spans every demographic and every time zone. After all, isn’t self improvement the one quest we all have in common? When you subscribe to Personal Coaching at Fabulous you are not alone. With one live session each month and email communication in between a Fabulous Coach will walk with you every step of the way.
Here are some of the breakthroughs your coach can help with:
Finding Purpose
Time Management
Transforming Anger
Meditation Practice
Dealing with Anxiety
Focus & Clarity
Better Sleep
Increasing Productivity
Building Resilience
Overcoming Procrastination

People just like you achieved great results using our Fabulous App

The 30-minute coaching experience I had through the Fabulous app has changed my life. My coach Maša offered several questions for me to answer and several brilliant suggestions that I was able to act on immediately. Her guidance in that short session gave me the tools I needed to develop the workout habits I’d been unsuccessfully trying to develop for 10+ years. It has been about 5 months since that session and I have not missed one morning workout. It only took a couple weeks for my morning workouts to feel like a reward rather than a punishment.

I feel empowered and hopeful, because a small habit like a 10-minute workout has a domino effect, so now I am eating and sleeping well too. I recommend this coaching to anyone who feels stuck, and anyone who is ready for more in life.

I always thought coaching was for those with their head in the clouds. Ironically, going to coaching lifted my head from looking down and looking at the sky. More became possible simply by being challenged to look up into the air. Coaching is valuable because it gets us unstuck from our ways of thinking into new perspectives that can revolutionize our life one small step at a time.
I've been using the fabulous app for a couple of years, which I've found very useful and interesting. I'd been gradually building some habits, but wanted a kick to speed up my learning and apply the principles.

I found the process very useful for redirecting my time and focus to the most relevant aspects of forming a habit. My head was a little scrambled to begin with, I was trying to do multiple habits at once - Masa helped me to focus in on one key habit which I've worked on and improved. I

feel that coaching is useful for anyone who is having trouble applying habit building principles, needs a little help to get the ball rolling, and is short on time.
“I’m able to see a dramatic difference between now and when I started”
Kelly Jones

Book a 1:1 Session with a
Fabulous Coach

1 live video session every month + unlimited email communication
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$67first session
$87/month after your intro session

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fabulous Live Coaching?
Fabulous Live Coaching is a way in which you can speed up your personal growth by working regularly with a Fabulous Coach, who will help you build healthy routines with behavioral science-based methods and an accountability system.
How does Fabulous Coaching work?
Fabulous Coaches use their insights and expertise to help you develop great habits that will enable you to live your best life. You’ll learn to create routines (morning, afternoon, and night) that propel you towards your goals and receive accountability that will motivate you to progress forward.
How are the sessions personalized?
The coaching sessions will be customized to serve your individual needs, our coaches will adapt their expertise knowledge to bring forward valuable content and best fit the areas that you find most relevant to work on.
When will I receive my coaching sessions?
After purchasing your monthly personal coaching package, you’ll receive an email from your coach welcoming you and sharing a link for you to schedule your first coaching session.
Who are the coaches? Are they certified?
Yes, all Fabulous Coaches are certified experts who can help and support you in your journey to building a healthier lifestyle, to overcoming your fears, your stress and anxiety and to progress forward and build a structure in your life. In addition to their own areas of expertise, Fabulous has its own excellence program to ensure its high standards as an award-winning app backed by science.
Will I be able to communicate with my coach in-between sessions?
Yes, you will be able to reach your coach via email with any questions and feedback. You are encouraged to do so as sharing your progress, milestones and potential setbacks with your coach helps keep you on track.
Can I choose my coach?
Our coaches have different experiences and we do our best to match you with a coach that will best serve your needs. Should that not be satisfactory, you are welcome to reach out to our support team to ask to be matched with a new coach.
How does the trial work?
After your first session with your coach, if you enjoy your Fabulous 1:1 coaching, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to work with a coach.

Cancel anytime before your next billing date and you won’t be charged again.There’s no complicated contract, no cancellation fees, and no commitment. Cancel online anytime, 24 hours a day.