The Art of Stoic Living

Stoicism often reminds us that our happiness is fleeting and our existence in this universe is short, yet when we draw on the key principles of this ancient philosophy, we can learn how to live thriving lives. Use our 5 week Stoic journey to do just that.

This ancient philosophy has guided the decisions of many of the greatest minds living today by offering a real playbook with tools that anyone can apply to their life

Now it's your turn. If you're stuck in a rut because you repeatedly get in your own way, this journey is your chance to confront yourself and finally break the pattern

Challenge yourself for 5 weeks

Embark on a journey to create a system of values that teach you how to act on your principles instead of your impulses.

Build discipline with weekly exercises

Break down the limitations that hold you back with mental exercises that teach you how to persist in the face of any challenge, live in the present, and have a detached view of yourself and the world around you.

Master the art of stoic living

Find opportunity in your adversity, absolute truth in your fear, and freedom in your limitations to truly master the art of stoicism.

Here’s our 5-week plan for you

Week 1

Persist to tear down the wall that hold you down and prevent you from achieving your ultimate success.

Week 2

Discover the 2 people who live within: the inner child and sage. Learn to nurture the right one and you’ll be rewarded.

Week 3

Appreciate the moments in your present, because only the present deserves your full attention.

Week 4

Open your eyes to a view from above. Having a broader perspective of your world helps you see the limitations holding you back.

Week 5

Master your decisions by influencing your value system so you never lose sight of your end destination.

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