Fabulous can help you build healthy rituals in your life


Get your morning ritual in place

Hi Fabulous Traveler ,

Welcome aboard The Fabulous! You are embarking on a journey of all around well-being: Happiness, health and mental clarity. The Fabulous will be here as your personal coach to support you along the way.

Give yourself 15 days. We will suggest small healthy actions, backed by science, to take every day.

In 2 weeks, you’ll have more energy, feel more fulfilled, and be more productive. You will have built the lasting rituals for a FABULOUS life going forward.

The power of a morning ritual

What did Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Steve Jobs and other high achievers have in common?

Morning rituals.

They woke up at the same time every day and repeated the same set of habits.

Ernest Hemingway awoke each morning around 5:30am (yes, even if he’d been out late drinking) and immediately began writing. He described his morning ritual as starting well, “just as the sun began rising” and working until he had gotten down all he had to say.

Benjamin Franklin started his day by asking himself: “What good shall I do this day?”. His answer was the foundation for how he spent the next 24 hours.
Franklin Diary

What about you?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you check emails on the phone while still in bed? Scroll through Facebook to see what everybody else is up to? It’s okay. Many of us used to do this, even though it created constant anxiety and stress.

What will you do today?

Here’s your first tiny action to start the day: Drink Water as soon as you wake up. Try it for three days.

Your body is dehydrated after 6-8 hours of sleeping.  By drinking water first thing you immediately begin to rehydrate, purifying your internal system and kickstarting the day.

The Fabulous will remind you to drink. Just press the “I Accept” button below.

Drink Water
Do it 3 times this week to succeed

For the next 3 days, Drink Water when you wake up to kickstart your body and start your day with a success!


This is just the beginning. Don’t add many habits at once. It’s better to start small and succeed. We build routines and habits by achieving quick wins.

How can I ensure my success?

Start tonight. Have a glass or a bottle of water ready by your bed (fill up the glass or bottle the night before).

Something to remember

To successfully change your behavior, start by setting small goals and aim for a quick win that will inspire you to go further.

We’ll talk more about proper preparation in our next letter.

That's it for now, Fabulous Traveler. Believe it or not, you’re already well on your way - taking small steps toward big changes.


P.S. : We love hearing from you! Let us know if you have trouble implementing your first new tiny habit. Or share your stories of success!