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Getting a great breakfast

Greetings Fabulous Traveler,

I hope you successfully drank water first thing every morning for the last 3 days.

If you didn’t succeed, we’d love to hear why. Remember, that you can do this any time you have a question. We’re here to help!

Do you realize something, Fabulous Traveler?

You've Started to Change.

You are now drinking water as soon as you wake up. Perhaps this is something you had already been doing in an inconsistent manner, but over the past three days, you've created a habit out of it.

So we can safely make this assumption: Behavior change is a learnable skill, and you can learn it.

Take a moment to imagine the benefits of adding other tiny healthy habits to your life.

Soon, all of these tiny habits will sum up to create the new, Fabulous You.

The Most Important Way to Start the Day

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This fuels and energizes you as the day wears on.

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast will improve your concentration and performance as well as your endurance and strength.

Skip breakfast and you’ll be exhausted in no time.

But it isn't enough to gulp down a cup of coffee and eat a big doughnut to satisfy your sugar needs before rushing to the office.

What should you have for breakfast?

Think: quality protein and slow sugar.

Make lean protein part of your breakfast

Adding protein to your breakfast will keep you feeling full until lunch.

In an interview with WebMD, Purdue University researcher Wayne Campbell, Ph.D., says that "protein blunts your hunger the most, and is the most satiating."

So how can you best add protein to breakfast?

The traditional breakfast of eggs remains one of the best options. Eggs at breakfast will delay hunger and keep you feeling full longer than many other types of food. Eggs contain some of the highest-quality protein.

For vegans and vegetarians, we recommend protein-rich vegetables like spinach, kale, or boiled peas. Lentils, black beans, and quinoa are options that are vegan-friendly, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Other healthy protein options include:

  • A large apple or banana with a spoonful of peanut butter; the protein from the peanut butter will slow down the absorption of sugar from the fruit.

  • One packet of plain instant oatmeal (bonus: add nuts and low-fat milk); avoid flavored varieties, which have too much sugar

  • A handful of almonds or walnuts

  • A small carton of plain, low sugar yogurt

  • An apple with a slice of turkey or smoked salmon

  • Soya, nachni, and sprouts for our Indian members

Breakfast items to avoid:

These are your energy saboteurs and should be avoided. Doughnuts, waffles, pancakes, and sweet starches are ‘sugar crash’ foods. They will spike your energy and then deplete you, draining you of power. They will leave you hungry again within 2 hours, right about the time the office candy jar starts winking at you.

This Week's Plan

This week we have a one-time action and a goal for you.

Your One-Time Action

Go to the supermarket today or tomorrow and buy (or order online) enough oatmeal, eggs, and fruit to have a power-packed breakfast for the whole week. By ensuring that you have healthy foods for the whole week, you make it incredibly easy to start

Keep this checklist in mind while shopping:

  • Aim for complex or "slow" carbs

  • Add quality protein

  • Avoid added sugars

Your Goal

  • Your task is simple. Keep drinking a glass of water each day as soon as you wake up. Follow that with a healthy, high protein breakfast. Do it for 3 days.

Ready? Press the "I Accept" button below:

Eat a Great Breakfast
Do it 3 times this week to succeed

Eat a great breakfast in the morning to feel energized for the whole day.


The Mediterranean Diet

Fuel for Vivacity

A great breakfast will be your fuel for the day, giving you the energy you need to be creative, alert, and engaged. Bye-bye morning slump, hellooo vivacity!

That's it for now, Fabulous Traveler. In our next letter, we'll speak about the next step in making your life more fabulous.


P.S.: Biographer Ronald Hayman reviewed the morning routine of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology and was portrayed in the movie "A Dangerous Method." According to Hayman, Carl Jung" rose at 7:00 A.M and spent a long time preparing breakfast, which usually consisted of coffee, salami, fruits, bread, and butter." A healthy breakfast combined with time for contemplation; sounds like Carl Jung had a near-perfect morning routine.

P.P.S. If you’re fasting for religious or medical reasons, then please feel free to accommodate this challenge to your needs by marking the “eat a great breakfast” habit as complete when you eat your first meal of the day, or if you aren’t eating at all during the day, then mark it as complete to pass this challenge and start the next one.