FABULOUS can help you build healthy rituals in your life


Recharge Yourself in Nature

Fabulous Traveler awakens.

Something is missing.

You don’t feel like waking up.

The energy in your spirit has disappeared, your flame, the energy—it’s all gone.

Why is this happening now?

You’ve felt empty these past few days. Every day felt like a rerun of a previous episode. Fabulous Traveler was mindlessly floating.

You need something new and enthralling. Something meaningful that will spark your senses back to life.

Get Your Life Back on Track

We’ve all had our moment of doubts.

One day, we wake up without a single drop of energy left. We have trouble sleeping. We’ve lost our sense of purpose, and we spend one more hour in bed every morning trying to forget our problems in sleep.

Our Self-Control muscle seems to be atrophying. We can’t get ourselves to exercise, we can’t decide to start working on that important project.

Life is always going to throw pebbles at you. No matter how resilient you are, some will breach your defenses and cripple your self-control.

When everything seems to be going from bad to worse, it seems impossible to find the motivation to pursue your goals. You find yourself on a slippery slope where all the good habits you’ve built start to collapse like a house of cards.

Giving in to one bad habit grants permission for another failure. Missing one good habit leads you to miss the next.

This time in the habit doldrums can last for days.

But it’s possible to snap out of it!

What you need is an outlet for your stress. A way to replenish your self-control whenever it gets fatigued.

The next time you feel like your life is spiraling out of control:

  • Stop.

  • Remember.

  • Go to Nature.

  • Play, run, explore. Be crazy and let go of everything.

Strolling through nature recharges your self-discipline and brings back the old you. The one that feels great about him or herself.

The Healing Power of Nature

According to one study, people who relax in a park for 30 minutes a week have better mental health.

The more time spent in nature each week, the lower your chances of depression and high blood pressure.

Dr. Danielle Shanahan, an Australian researcher, says:

“If everyone visited their local parks for half an hour each week there would be seven per cent fewer cases of depression and nine percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.”

By spending time in nature, you could be saving time in other areas, like the doctor’s office.

Other studies show that thinking in abstract big picture terms increases self-control. A daily walk is a perfect time to take a step back to analyze life’s issues with a more abstract perspective.

While you’re walking, try to avoid thinking about anything specific. Let your mind flow and get a new perspective on your life’s challenges.

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, speaks about his daily outings with gratitude.

When the company's existence was in danger, Knight found himself under considerable stress. He started taking daily runs through nature to calm his mind and find a new perspective.

“I don’t know when I’ve run harder or been less present in my body. With each stride, I yelled at the trees, screamed at the cobwebs hanging in the branches. It helped. By the time I’d showered and dressed and driven to work, I was almost serene.

At the close of those difficult days, it was my nightly six-mile run that saved my life.”

A Fabulous Refreshment

It's fine to push your limits, but you need a way to replenish your energy to avoid habit burnout.

Here at Fabulous, we’ve all dueled with burnout. This is why we added the Fresh Start training.

We know that you won't always feel motivated. That you need to  reset your motivation every now and then. Especially after considerate effort or returning from a long trip. They say that traveling can be the enemy of habits.

We've built a training to help you rekindle the flame. All you need to do is find a quiet spot and start the training in the Get Inspired section of Make Me Fabulous called Fresh Start.

Regular walks are a great way to refresh yourself before you burn out. And like any other habit, you need to prepare to ensure success.

How can you make your walk more enjoyable and easier to stick to? If you have a dog, bring them along for the walk and I promise you it’ll be the best part of their day.

Or better yet, bring a friend or family member along with you. Personal moments with those we love are getting more and more rare in our busy lives.

If you want to recharge during the week before your walk, here are a few other ways.

Relax by spending quality time with your family and friends. For lots of us, exercising can be the solution.

Tim Ferriss, the famous author of “The 4 Hour Work Week”, takes cold showers. While not for everyone, it’s certainly something to experiment with.

They call it the James Bond shower. The idea is simple: at the end of a hot shower blast cold water for a few minutes and feel the energy flow through you.

You could also get a massage, go for a swim, or play a sport with your friends. It’s important to dissolve every now and then, or habit burnout could sneak up on you and damage months of progress.

This Week's Plan

One Time Action

Using Google maps or a similar application, look for the nearest park you can go walk in. Or if your neighborhood is naturally wooded, chart a course that will take you about 20 minutes to walk.

Print out a map of the path and tape it to your front door or somewhere else you’ll look at when you get home in the evening.

Then ask a friend or family member who lives nearby to come along with you on this walk. I promise you they’ll be delighted that you thought of them and wish to spend more time with them.

You only have to do it 3 times this week, so schedule the walks for this next weekend.

Next, either create a new weekly Ritual called “Recharge” or if you already have a weekly ritual you can use that one. The ritual should only be active one day each week, for example on Sundays. Then add a relaxing habit to this weekly ritual like Call your Parents, or maybe Play a Sport.

Taking a few hours to relax on Sunday will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the new week ahead of you!

Your Goal

3 days this week go for a relaxing walk in a natural area.

Once you tap Accept, we’ll add the Walking habit to your Evening routine.

When you’re ready to relax tap accept below.

Walk in Nature
Do it 3 times this week to succeed

To recharge your self-discipline, go for a relaxing walk in nature 3 times. Spending time outdoors is proven to improve mental health.


You should also schedule in some other recharging activities throughout the week. You can practice a sport with friends, play a board game with the family, or take a moment to read a good book.

And no, watching TV, playing video games, and checking social media do not count as relaxing activities!

Add something you enjoy doing. Replenishing is all about feeling great!

What we’re doing?

We’re helping you find healthy ways to recharge. Fabulous is about opening you up to new ideas. Recharging regularly is the best way to ensure your self-discipline stays strong.

What you want to avoid is what we call “Habit Burnout”. Everything will be going great until one day: you'll wake up without a drop of motivation.

Enjoy the relaxing week you’ve got planned for yourself! I’ll talk to you again when you’re feeling energized and refreshed.