This 15-Day Declutter Challenge
Will Change Your Life

By K.O. Stears | January 28th 2021
Let's try an exercise: Close your eyes right now and picture your ideal home. What do you see? Spotless countertops and floors? Perfectly stacked books in your bookcase? Is your bed made? Is everything put away in its ideal place?

Now, open your eyes. I'm guessing the space you pictured and the space you're seeing now are pretty different! But what if you could achieve that tidy home of your dreams? And what if you could do it in just 15 days?

Here at Fabulous, we know a thing or two about helping people make positive changes in their lives. We've been using the latest and greatest behavioral science to coach our millions of users to develop long-term healthy habits for over eight years now. And we like to think we've gotten pretty good at it!
Changing is simple but that doesn't mean it's easy. Our bodies and brains like the status quo; it's comfortable. That's why Fabulous focuses on small adjustments over longer periods of time, along with lots of support and positive reinforcement, instead of promising huge, sweeping overnight changes. Aesop had it right: Slow and steady wins the race!
A Tidy Home Can Actually Improve Your Health
If you've ever cleaned your workstation to procrastinate on a project, you know firsthand that your environment can affect your behavior. A cluttered environment adds extra stimuli that your brain has to perceive and process, which can be overwhelming when you need to focus on other tasks.

And the opposite is also true: A tidy environment can increase feelings of calm and decrease stress. It's reassuring and satisfying to know that anything you need can be easily found because you put it where it belongs.

So, if that's all true, why is it so hard to declutter? The main fumble trigger is simply not having a process. You look at the mess of your home and become paralyzed with indecision. Where do you start when everything is a mess?

Enter Fabulous's 15-Day Declutter Challenge. We give you a simple, step-by-step guide to follow where you complete one task per day. It doesn't feel like much at first but, slowly, those little adjustments add up. By the end of the challenge, your home will be completely transformed.
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Your Home Serves You, Not The Other Way Around
There's also an element of shame when it comes to decluttering and mess. The deluge of picture-perfect homes on social media and television serve only to remind us of our own "failure" to maintain the same standard of cleanliness at home. We're taught to equate a clean home with moral goodness and, consequently, a messy home makes us "bad." But that simply isn't true. A messy home is just a consequence of living in it.

The simplest way to eliminate the shame factor is to remember that your home exists to serve you. Tidying your home is an act of kindness you do for yourself. Because you know that a tidy home makes you feel happier and more at ease. Like your phone or your car, your home is a tool that is designed to improve your life. And, like other tools, it needs to be maintained so that it can serve you as efficiently as possible. That is where decluttering comes in.

At Fabulous, we know from years of research and experience that shaming people to change doesn't work. The most effective way to change someone's lifestyle is to wait until they're ready to change, then meet them where they are. And that strategy has helped over 90% of our users make at least one permanent change to their daily routines.
Are You Up For The Challenge?
Fabulous may be a health and wellness app but 40% of our users actually cite decluttering their homes as one of their main goals. That demand, along with the understanding that our environment affects our behavior, is why we created the 15-Day Declutter Challenge in the first place. 15 days is just enough time to see results quickly while also building up more long-term decluttering habits. Plus, challenges are fun!

If you're ready to declutter your home and create a space that serves you, Fabulous is ready to help. Sign up for Fabulous and take the 15-Day Declutter Challenge. You'll be given a simple decluttering task each day and, by the end, you'll have a fully decluttered home and some much-deserved peace of mind.
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"I've been using the Fabulous app since the summer and am steadily progressing through the pre-set journeys at my own pace.

Now that I have a morning routine that I can't do without and healthy habits for the rest of the day (evening is most challenging for me), I'm able to see a dramatic difference between now and when I started. The change is so gradual that it's worth taking a minute to reflect on the progress made." (Kelly, a Fabulous member)

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